Preparing Healthcare Providers for Genomic Medicine

Now available: Universal Genomics Instructor Handbook and Toolkit

The Current State of Resident Training in Genomic Pathology - A Comprehensive Analysis Using the Resident In-Service Examination.

Using a Team-Based Learning Approach at National Meetings to Teach Residents Genomic Pathology

Genomic Oncology Education: An Urgent Need, A New Approach

Progress and Potential, Training in Genomic Pathology

Teaching Residents Genomic Pathology: A Novel Approach for New Technology

Next-Generation Pathology

TRIG on TRACK: Educating Pathology Residents in Genomic Medicine

A Call to Action: Training Pathology Residents in Genomics and Personalized Medicine

ASCP–BIDMC Share NIH Grant to Educate Pathology Residents in Genomic Medicine

A Curriculum in Genomics and Personalized Medicine for Pathology Residents

The Future of Genomics in Pathology

Genomics-Informed Pathology: Twenty-first century lab reports will include test results read by a new breed of pathologist

A National Agenda for the future of pathology in Personalized Medicine—Report of the Proceedings of a Meeting at the Banbury Conference Center on Genome-Era Pathology, Precision Diagnostics, and Preemptive Care: A Stakeholder Summit

The Current State of Resident Training in Genomic Pathology: A Comprehensive Analysis Using the Resident In-service Examination

Improving Genomic Literacy Among Cardiovascular Practitioners via a Flipped-Classroom Workshop at a National Meeting

TRIG Archived Lectures

2013 Reference Information (.pdf)

2013 Lecture I: Genomic Pathology: An Introduction (.ppt)

2013 Lecture II: Genomic Methods (.ppt)

2013 Lecture III: Interpreting Genomic Information for Clinical Care (.ppt)

2013 Lecture IV: Genomic Medicine: Communicating with the Patient (.ppt)

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