Preparing Pathologists for a Leading Role in Genomics

Online Genomic Pathology Modules Now Available!


Beginning in 2012, the TRIG working group has incorporated genomics-related survey and knowledge questions on the pathology resident in-service exam (RISE).

Administered by the ASCP to almost all pathology residents in the United States, the RISE offers an opportunity to assess the national status of resident training in genomic pathology. The questions are currently ungraded but, following this pilot phase, there are plans to incorporate genomics topics as an official component of the RISE.   We have published an initial assessment of this data in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology: The Current State of Resident Training in Genomic Pathology - A Comprehensive Analysis Using the Resident In-Service Examination.

We have also published results from our initial 3 workshops as an “Educational Innovation” in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education: Using a Team-Based Learning Approach at National Meetings to Teach Residents Genomic Pathology.

We are also conducting a study of the recently released online modules at individual residency sites using a pre-/post-test design.  If your site may be interested in participating, please contact


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